Frequently asked questions

This page collects frequently asked scenarios or problems with TeleIRC. Did you find something confusing? Please let us know in our developer chat or open a new pull request with a suggestion!


How do I find a chat ID for a Telegram group?
The chat ID is found when viewing results from the Telegram API from a web browser. First, add your bot to the group. Then, open a browser and enter the Telegram API URL with your API token, as explained in this post. Next, send a message in the group with the bot username and refresh the browser window. You will see the chat ID for the Telegram group along with other information.
I reinstalled TeleIRC after it was inactive for a while. But the bot doesn’t work. Why?
If a Telegram bot is not used for a while, it “goes to sleep”. Even if TeleIRC is configured and installed correctly, you need to “wake up” the bot. To fix this, remove the bot from the group and add it again. Restart TeleIRC and it should work again.